Helpful tips for designing a mid-century modern interior

Interior design takes several forms and formulas, sometimes distinct and sometimes only subtlest of differences. Each of these presents its own experience, finish, and flavor that make a room a unique chapter of inspiration. The mid-century modern style is set apart by its use of color, interactive dialogues with the outdoors, and crisp lines. Space was more than just a functional box and became a canvas for social and personal ideologies that propelled humanity post World War II. Here are tips and ideas for designing a gorgeous mid-century modern interior.

Mix vintage hues

Plenty of organic colors in the mid-century color palette will surprise you. Try something unusual, such as having gold as your primary neutral. Other colors within this palette include:

  • Mustard yellow
  • Tangerine
  • Teal
  • Camel
  • Champagne pink

Blend in with modern décor

Simplicity and the clean lines of minimalist modern style make mid-century modern décor appeal to most homeowners. Both modern and mid-century décor takes a “less is more” form on décor and furnishings. They both eliminate unnecessary accessories and furniture and put more emphasis on organic elements like wood.

Must-have mid-century modern furniture

Try to have a single vintage chair as a focal point in a modern living room, or you can blend modern furnishing with multiple such pieces to bring out a transitional design. Keep in mind that simplicity and integration with the natural world are the mid-century modern home’s identifiers.

New flooring

Stick to the basics of floors to give your living space a mid-century look. New floor finishes featuring micro-topping pours and concrete stains will create a flooring that’s practical and long-lasting. You can also try slate and bamboo to complete the mid-century modern floor and add an organic touch.

Mid-century modern bedroom

Visit any mid-century modern bedroom, and you’ll not miss finding a bevy of sleek and timeless headboards, nightstands, and bed frames that are vividly gorgeous thanks to their sturdy construction and clean Danish-inspired design. The best mid-century modern interior is genderless and all about classics. Again, sticking with muted tones, simple lines, and plays on texture is the trick here.

Incorporate life

Reconnecting people with nature is one of the aims of mid-century interior design, and that’s why adding greenery is essential. Pot plants will not only clean the air but will also uplift the interior scheme.

Are you looking to design your interior? Stick to the timeless mid-century design. Check out the Tylko’s how-to for mid-century modern style for more interior design tips and ideas.